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An authentic village

Discover the village of Ardaillers

The village sits at an altitude of 600 meters on the southern slope of Mount Aigoual. A wide transhumance driveway going from Languedoc to Mount Lozère circles the village at its top.

In fact, there are 3 Ardaillers villages – 3 little hamlets facing the sunlight and hanging on the mountain: Mas de l’Eglise, Mas Gibert and Mas Miquel.

mas de l'eglise

Mas de l'église


Mas Gibert

mas miquel

Mas Miquel

Each is different with its terraces that we locally call “traversiers”, its opened yards, its shadowed arbours, its little steep paved streets called “calades” going through houses made of stones, and its fresh water fountains. While walking, you’ll come across the little St Roch church dating back to 1511, the temple in the midst of the houses, the bread oven which was built in 1930, and which is still used cooperatively by the villagers in summer. You’ll also find the two-pond fountain of Mas Gibert, the Sourheillade house which was home to the Aigoual-Cévennes maquis, the sun-lit terraces of Mas Miquel and its unobstructed view on the “mountainous sea of chestnut trees and green oaks”, as well as its sunset on Mount Aigoual.

You’ll also meet the people from Ardaillers – the Ardaillerois – who will warmly welcome you in this Cévenol region, full of traditions and openness.

In June and September, you’ll be able to witness the transhumance of the flocks adorned with multicolored bobbles and little bells which gives the valley a magical and eternal atmosphere.

Every day Dédé-the shepherd’s flock from Mas Gibert passes through the village and the terraces filling them with the sound of bells.

Discover our walking paths

From our Guest House La Soleillade, by foot or with a donkey (that you can rent at our close neighbours’ in Mas Corbières), you’ll have too much to choose from the local paths or the hiking paths. You’ll find yourself winding through the ancient terraces overgrown by chestnut trees and brooms to the top of the hill. You’ll also come upon sheep barns and upon the former chestnut kilns or drying places we call “clèdes”.

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