petit dejeuner à la soleillade en Cévennes jardin de la soleillade Mousse d'abricots et son petit clafoutis au cerises begnets d'oignons Gigot d'agneau à la broche terrasse ensoleillée de la soleillade le matin à la soleillade

Guest table at La Soleillade

Mornings at La Soleillade

Each guest composes his/her breakfast menu thanks to a buffet including cereals, toast, homemade cake of the day, fresh fruit, organic milk, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and homemade jams and compotes. After that you’re ready to get started for a walk in the nearby mountains or to enjoy the swimming pool.

As the year goes by, you’ll discover a wide range of tastes and savours at La Soleillade

Your restaurant and products

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panier de cerises les pelardons champignons chataignes fraises nos pommes de terres nouvelles
  • The sweet Cévennes onion, grown in the Ardaillers terraces
  • Our neighbours' goat farm cheese (Pélardon)
  • Ewe cheese named from Les Causses
  • trouts from the Aigoual spring
  • Rennet apples (old frut)from Le Vigan
  • Valleraugue lamb
  • Chestnut tree honey from Aigoual
  • Chestnuts and boletus that we pickeds
  • season's Fruit and vegetables from our garden or from local producers
  • Organic wines from Cévennes (made in Anduze-Tornac)

We mix organically or sustainably grown local products.

Evenings at La Soleillade – a time for discoveries and talks.

cheminée à la soleillade

In the evening, we gather in the common room or under the arbour to discover and talk about our food creations. We offer a complete menu with a homemade aperitif, a starter, a main course, cheese, dessert and wine..

Special diets are taken into consideration. Let us know if you a vegetarian or if you eat sugar-or gluten-free meals.

A few menus

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Elder wine
Sweet onions crackers made with chick-pea flour
Aigoual Trout with Roquefort sauce
Courgette millefeuille
Apricot mousse
Almond biscuit
Organic Tornac wight wine

flan d'orties et fleurs

Nut Wine
Cold soup with courgette and Pélardon cheese
Lamb tagine with honey, prunes, ginger and aubergines
Curcuma bulghur
Fresh goat cheese
Chestnut paste
Organic Anduze wine

gratiné aux fleurs

Peach wine
Sweet onion salad
Boletus omelette
Fried potatoes and vegetables julienne
Ewe cheese from Causse Méjean
Seasonal fruit salad and homemade cakes
Organic Tornac wine

The restaurant closes one night a week. On this occasion you can use the Guest House kitchen. We can also recommend a few good local restaurants.

Entreprise recommandée par le par nationnal des Cévennes